Our canoe trip on Saturday, 1st of May 2021

We have had plenty of Canoe trips already. 🚣‍♂️🛶 Mostly on the Põltsamaa river. It is the biggest river in Estonia which has pretty clear water. Believe it or not but it is clear enough to drink it. Really amazing obstacles on the way which are very challenging to pass them. We saw how beavers were eating trees, by the river smoothly paddling we saw fisherman caught a trout. In the beginning, it was so sunny that you could suntan. But as in Estonia weather is changing very suddenly a moment later it was a sky full of clouds.

Canoe tour
Canoe tour

Estonia is one of the least populated countries in Europe but it is larger than Denmark and Holland . The size of the country is 45 227 km2 and it’s population counts over 1.3million people, from which 69% are Estonians, 25% Russian, 2% Ukranian, 1% Belarusians, 0.8% Finns and 1.6% other.

The flag of Estonia was officially adopted on May 8th, 1990 and it contains three colours. Blue – represents loyalty and the country’s blue skies, sea and lakes; black – symbolises the past oppression and the fertile soil; white – stands for virtue, white snows and Estonian’s long struggle for freedom and independence.

Is Tallinn worth visiting?

1050, that’s the date when the first fortress was built in Tallinn. The name ”Tallinn” comes from Estonian words ”Taani linnus” meaning ”Danish castle” . The city regained it’s final independence in 1990 after many successive waves of occupation from Germany, Sweden, Russia, again Germany and again from Russia. Estonian capital was pretty fortunate because it wasn’t ever fully destroyed , pillaged or razed, even after II World War. Today, Tallinn’s Old Town is one of the most best preserved medieval cities in Europe. What you will find there is a complex of interesting history with a very impressive UNESCO heritage.

What are the top attractions to visit in Tallinn?

The film of Christopher Nolan, Tenet, takes us to completely new and adventurous reality with time manipulation and impressive action scenes. The whole movie was filmed in seven different countries across the globe, including Estonia. Stay with us and have a look on our guide which will take you for a short trip through all the locations in Tallinn. We are more than happy to show you the capital of Estonia from the view of Tenet and its fantastic crew.

Tenet, locations in Tallinn