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Olympic Games in Tallinn..

Thus far we have discussed in our blog about facts about Baltic Sea, islands in Tallinn Bay, health regarding sailing and sea overall. Now we are gonna dwell around Olympic Games, as this is and should be talking point in all over the world whether it is coronavirus and because of this there are no spectators or new olympic and world records.

So how are we gonna infuse Olympic Games to a sailing on Baltic Sea?

Read on, and find out…

The film of Christopher Nolan, Tenet, takes us to completely new and adventurous reality with time manipulation and impressive action scenes. The whole movie was filmed in seven different countries across the globe, including Estonia. Stay with us and have a look on our guide which will take you for a short trip through all the locations in Tallinn. We are more than happy to show you the capital of Estonia from the view of Tenet and its fantastic crew.

Tenet, locations in Tallinn