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Estland Couple Romance

Estland Romance is a perfect opportunity to go on an

Hunting Northern Lights

Hunting Northern Lights is  special evening for people who are
Sailing in Estonia
Summer hit!

Estland Sailing

Sailing in Estonia is good for busy summer day to

Tallinn Old Town Adventure

Representing Local cuisine we are having easy-going cultural walking tour

Estland Romance

Estland Romance is a perfect opportunity to go on an

Estland Evening

Estland Evening is a evening for people who are looking

Estland Watersource Hiking

Our famous magical watersources is a must to see in
Visit Estonia Canoe trip Estland Travel
Most popular!

Estland Canoe Trip

Canoeing is nice activity to spend time and learn teamworking

Estland Bog Hiking

Discover bogs and swamps that are Estonian natural treasure!

About Estonia

Estonia is one of the least populated countries in Europe but it is larger than Denmark and Holland . The size of the country is 45 227 km2 and it’s population counts over 1.3million people, from which 69% are Estonians, 25% Russian, 2% Ukranian, 1% Belarusians, 0.8% Finns and 1.6% other. The flag of Estonia

About Tallinn

Is Tallinn worth visiting? 1050, that’s the date when the first fortress was built in Tallinn. The name ”Tallinn” comes from Estonian words ”Taani linnus” meaning ”Danish castle” . The city regained it’s final independence in 1990 after many successive waves of occupation from Germany, Sweden, Russia, again Germany and again from Russia. Estonian capital

Where was Tenet filmed?

The film of Christopher Nolan, Tenet, takes us to completely new and adventurous reality with time manipulation and impressive action scenes. The whole movie was filmed in seven different countries across the globe, including Estonia. Stay with us and have a look on our guide which will take you for a short trip through all

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