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Sailing in Estonia is good for busy summer day to

Sup board

Take your friends and come to SUP riding. It's at

Estland Fishing

Fishing is traditional fun activity for Estonians! Take your family

Jaanipäev at Väinjärve

Take your friends and come to spend Jaanipäev at Väinjärve

Day on a boat

Sailing in Estonia is good for busy summer day to

Canoe Trip

Canoeing is nice activity to spend time and learn teamworking

Estland Evening

Estland Evening is a evening for people who are looking

Tallinn Old Town Adventure

In Tallinn Old Town we are representing Local cuisine -

Stay in a hotel or accommodation

Väinjärve beach house

Matkapesa’s rental hut has everything you need – WC, kitchenette, rest area, fireplace and last but not least – good
hotel or accommodation

Penthouse by the Pärnu River

Beautiful penthouse apartment by the Pärnu river. The apartment has stylish, spacious rooms with 4 bedrooms which fits 10 people

Hektor Container Hotel

Hektor Container Hotel is the only hotel in the heart of Telliskivi – the magnet of Tallinn. The hotel is

Rent a car & transfer

Volkswagen Multivan 2017

Comfortable minibus with everything for representation as well as for long-distance travel. The bus has all the amenities that make

Minibus Mercedes-Benz V-Class 4 × 4 Avantgarde Extralong

The most modern / comfortable minibus. Quiet and enjoyable. Great for groups and private transfers.

SUV Mercedes GL 2016

Probably one of the most comfortable luxury car in the world. The car has all the luxuries that make driving
car rent

Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum 2015

Probably the most comfortable luxury car in the world. The car has all the amenities that make driving on the

Mercedes GLE Coupe

GLE Coupe comes packed with technology and equipment. GLE Coupe can be specified with air suspension and active body control.

Mercedes-Benz S klass 2018

Probably one of the most comfortable luxury car in the world. The car has all the amenities that make driving

Fun Fact no.6 : 1980 Moscow Olympic Games sailing programm was held in Tallinn

Introduction… Olympic Games in Tallinn.. Thus far we have discussed in our blog about facts about Baltic Sea, islands in Tallinn Bay, health regarding sailing and sea overall. Now we are gonna dwell around Olympic Games, as this is and should be talking point in all over the world whether it is coronavirus and because

Fun fact no.5: Naissaar in Tallinn Bay was once a site for newly formed soviet republic…

Introduction to Tallinn Bay… With our sailing trip in Tallinn Bay You could see two islands up closer, both of which have very interesting past. One of them is Aegna and the other is Naissaar (German: Nargen; Swedish: Nargö). We are going to write about both of them in this blog post…  

Fun Fact no.4 : Did you know how healthy is sailing by the Baltic Sea?

Fun Fact no.3 : Sailing on the Baltic Sea is Good for Your Health. Closeness to the Baltic Sea can have a very positive impact on your health: the closer you are to the sea, the better you feel. In fact, doctors have been prescribing healthy trips to the seaside from as early as the

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Do they speak English in Estonia?

The younger generation speaks English very well. Elder people speak less English than Russian. Very often people in Estonia speak also Finnish or German. But it is always appreciated when you can say simple Tere or aitäh.

How long does it take to drive across Estonia?

From the Northest point to the Southest it takes three and a half to four hours to drive. From Latvian border Ikla through Estonia until Russian border in Narva it takes four and a half hour to drive.

What language does Estonian speak?

The official language is Estonian but people can speak English, Finnish, Russian and German as well.

What money is used in Estonia?

Euro. There is a tendency to use also cryptocurrencies between friends.

What is Estonia famous for?

For two UNESCO World Heritage sites Tallinn Old Town and Struve Geodetic Arc. Also of its digital society and growing unicorns.