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Tallinn Old Town Adventure

In Tallinn Old Town we are representing Local cuisine - we are having an easy-going cultural walking tour with 3 stops for Estonian traditional schnapps and snacks.
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Jaanipäev at Väinjärve

Take your friends and come to spend Jaanipäev at Väinjärve 🏊‍♀️ It is the biggest lake in Järvamaa county 4 kilometers away from Koeru 🐕 It is
Estland evening visit Estonia

Estland Evening

Estland Evening is a evening for people who are looking for new friends or time to spend out from the city.
Sailing Estonia
Summer Hit!


Sailing in Estonia is good for busy summer day to relax your mind with your loved ones
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Canoe trip
Most Popular!

Canoe Trip

Canoeing is nice activity to spend time and learn teamworking with your lover, family members or friends on Estonian rivers.

Wild animal safari – Guaranteed experience

Discover wild animals that are Estonian natural treasure!

Sup board

Take your friends and come to SUP riding. It's at Väinjärve. The SUP-hike is an ideal opportunity to visit Estonia and discover this mystical unexplored beauty as