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Estland Bog Hiking

Discover bogs and swamps that are Estonian natural treasure!

Estland Evening

Estland Evening is a evening for people who are looking for new friends or time to spend out from the city.

Estland Watersource Hiking

Visit our famous magical water sources that are must to see in Estonia!

Estland Romance

Estland Romance is a perfect opportunity to go on an adventurous date and meet new people.

Canoe Trip

Canoeing is nice activity to spend time and learn teamworking with your lover, family members or friends on Estonian rivers.

Canoeing at Aidu karjäär

Canoeing in Aidu karjäär is an interesting activity to spend time and learn teamwork with your lover, family members, or friends in Estonia.

Mastering PHP, React, Vue JS

PHP Mastering is a great opportunity for web developers to network, learn and code.


Sailing in Estonia is good for busy summer day to relax your mind with your loved ones