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We are ready to show you one of the oldest estonian traditions – ice fishing. Let’s go to the frozen lake, drill a hole inside in the middle of it’s surface, sit down and enjoy the scenery until the fish will bite the bait. This activity is ideal for fishing ethusiasts who are searchig for authentic local experience. If the snow is deep enough, put your snowshoes and exerience hiking in northern style! 

 Our guide will assist you and show you how to drill in the ice and will provide you all the necessary instructions about the fishing. Sit around the campfire and taste traditional Estonian barbeque. Don’t hesitate to grill your own fish, if you are lucky enough to catch one!

  •  Pick-up and drop off from your hotel/accommodation
  • A Boat
  • Spinning 
  • Bait
  • BBQ
  • Proffessional Guide

Choose the clothes depending of the weather, an extra thin layer keeps you warmer

*At least 2 people are required for this trip to take place*

*At least 4 people are required for this trip to take place on Sunday*

*Children under must be accompanied by an adult*

*Infant under 4 is complimentary*

*Please be ready 10 minutes before your prior pick-up-time*

*Trip can cancelled or rescheduled if the group size is smaller than 2 people*

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Canoe trip

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